Services & Prices

For all new customers a free initial consultation session is arranged so you can get to know us before booking

Dog Walking

Group Walk



Group Walk

(1 hour)


One to One Walk

(30 minutes)


One to One Walk

(1 hour)


Double Walk

(2 x 1 hour)


Lead training
dog friendly pond
dog day care
wal in th park

Dog Sitting

Half Day

(4 to 6 hours)


Full Day

(6 to 10 hours)


Home Sitting

(per night)

Includes 3 x 1 hour walk


Dog Training

Puppy taining
Dog Training

Private Puppy Training

 Behavior Modification

Group Training

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Master

Training plan
dog behaviour

£38 per session

£48 per session

from £29 per session

Bespoke service tailored to your convenience

Other Services

Home Feeding

(All general house pets)


Cat Sitting

(per night)


Cat sitting
Pat service
home feeding
small pet services