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About Us

Professional dog walking, puppy training, pet care and dog sitting service near dulwich, forest hill, honor oak and nunhead, South East London


The Name and Logo is inspired by the memory of my beloved first dog, Lexy the American Bulldog who was my first and best teacher on the journey of Dog Training and Dog Psychology. 

We are a small, family run business with a great passion for animals and nature. 


Our overall priority is for your pet to have a great time in a safe environment. We are certified Pet First Aiders and hold a number of qualifications & certificates in the subjects of Dog Training, Dog Behavior, Dog Psychology  and general Pets Well-being. 


Being genuinely passionate about dogs, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our knowledge  whatever it takes: reading another book, completing a training or facing real life situations to help Owners and their Best Friends find their way of communicating with one another. 

Our long term goal is to become an Assistance Dog Trainer and participate in the honor of supporting a disabled person with a loyal partner and a special helper in their every day life. 

Professional dog walking, pet sitting, puppy training and pet care service based in dulwich, nunhead, Honor Oak and Forest Hill, South East London

Meet The Team

Professional Dog Carer based in Dulwich, Nunhead, Forest Hill, Honor Oak, South East London. Group Dog walks, Puppy Training, Doggie Day Care, Dog Walking near me


Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

My name is Adrienn and I simply adore dogs. I was always amazed by their intelligence, agility and loyalty. Having the opportunity to work with them, was a dream coming true. I truly love what I do because I believe there is rarely any bond as pure as the one between human and dog. Being able to help building this bond further, and being part of this journey is the most rewarding thing in my life.

My career started with my own dog long ago. As many of us do, I chose her because I just fell in love not realizing the hard work that needs to be done to raise a stubborn and strong minded American Bulldog.  I soon started to understand I have to raise my game if I wanted to become her leader. Our relationship formed a very strong bond eventually, where people were amazed by the level of communication between us. Seeing this, several friends and family members started to ask for my advise to help them with their own dog. Having worked with many different breeds since, I know all of them has their characteristics, and I understand how to approach each dog to engage their attention. 

Reliable dog walker offering group dog walks, solo walks, pet sitting, daycare, dog boarding and puppy training in East Dulwich, Nunhead, Forest Hill and Honor Oak, South East London


Dog Care Specialist

Hi, I am Gigi. Previous to meeting Adrienn, I had no idea about the world of dogs and how to communicate with them or what to do. Since I met Adrienn, I have learned an extraordinary amount, about how important it is to be able to communicate properly with your dog to enjoy the most out of them.


  Her passion for dogs and nature has shined through and she has showed me how amazing dogs are and how they bring you happiness and unconditional love.

I enjoy long hikes through nature and what better way than to have a fluffy friend by your side to play with and entertain

We have our own fluffy friend at home who we adore. His name is Winston and he is a bundle of joy. he brings happiness wherever he goes and makes funny sounds when he is excited

I love having the ability to meet new pups. Playing with them and having fun brings me joy, so it never feels like a "job" to be around them and I enjoy every minute I get to spend

Friendly dog walking, pet sitting, dog daycare, boarding and puppy training services near dulwich, forest hill, honor oak and nunhead in south east london


Dog Care Specialist

My name is Aniko. I was born to an animal loving family. My dad was crazy about pets, he simply couldn’t say no to them. We had all kind, cats, fishes, birds, and of course dogs. I was always around dogs ever since I was a little girl. My first own dogs were 2 Jack Russel Terriers with completely different personality. My husband and I tried our best with their training, done all the research, but something was still missing.


I knew Adrienn from a previous job, and knew that she is working with dogs now. She helped us with our two little criminals, Thelma and Louise, and then something clicked. I really enjoyed the training with Adrienn, and I decided to learn more about dog training and behavior. When I started working together with her, my life turned upside down. I realized that this is what I want to do, I love every second spending time with our lovely pack, and my days are full with laughter and joy. I am very excited to extend my knowledge, and gain more experience.

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