1. Which areas are covered? Services are mainly based around South East London however feel free to

contact us with your enqiry

2. How do I know what kind of training is suitable for my Dog? A free first consultation can be arranged to discuss your requirements and to provide advice on what kind of training will suit and benefit your Doggy  and you the most. 

3. How can I see your certificates & qualifications?  Do not hesitate at any point to ask to see my insurance policy, DBS (CRB) check, Training Certificates and and Qualifications. A copy of my certificates are always available to view during the first consultation. 

4. Which areas do you use for your walks? Walks are generally happening in various parks around  South East London. During each walk we visit a dog exercise area where dogs can enjoy to play together. Dogs in my care are only allowed off-leash inside the fully enclosed Dog Exercise Areas. 

5. How many dogs do you take for a Group Walking Session? As a responsible Dog Walker I believe my number one priority is your Dog's safety. I never walk more than 4 Dogs at a time to ensure I can remain in full control at all times. 

6. Do you allow Dogs off-leash during Walking Sessions? The answer to this question also depends on prior consultation with the owner but Dogs in my care are generally not allowed to be off-leash apart from fully enclosed Dog Exercise Areas. 

7. My Dog has behavioral issues. Can I sign up for Training or Group Walk? Dogs with behavioral issues typically require extra attention and care to identify and eliminate the cause of the problem. Their needs could be discussed during a Free Consultation Session but Private Sessions are strongly recommended  to address any behavioral issues prior to joining any type of Group Sessions. These sessions can help your Doggy to be gradually introduced to situations causing the behavior and help them to socialize before they are required to demonstrate positive behavior in Groups.